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Our dishes

22.00 €
Cebiche de Bote

Fish of the day and octopus in the cassic lemon "leche de tigre" marinade

24.00 €
Cebiche a la Mesa

We bring the ingredients to your table and prepare in front of you, our cebiche of the day

22.00 €
Tiradito Apaltado

Thin slices seabass over sliced avocado in classical "leche de tigre" marinade. Avocado spheres

22.00 €
Tiradito de Atún y Cocona

Tuna and scallop over a creamy sesame “leche de tigre”. Minced cocona

21.00 €
Tiradito Nikkei

Thin slices of raw tuna in a lemon and tamarind marinade, eel sauce

19.00 €
Cebiche Cremoso

Sliced octopus in cilantro "leche de tigre" marinade. White corn and sweet potatoes

24.00 €
Cebiche Afrodisiaco

Sea bass, shrimp, squid, scallops and octopus,  yellow and red pepper "leche de tigre" marinade 

24.00 €
Cebiche de Maracuyá

Mixed sea bass and seafood in passion fruit and seafood “leche de tigre”

24.00 €
Tartar de Quinua y Atún

Tuna tartar over black and white quinoa. Avocado cream. Yucca and rocoto thin biscuit

15.00 €
La Causa Desmontada

Seasoned mashed potato terrine with smoked tuna, a creamy lime paste and mustard seed

12.00 €
Niguiris de Tierra

Sliced wagyu beef, quail egg, banana

2 un

19.00 €
Anticucho de Pez Mantequilla

Butterfish brochettes, glazed sweet potato, eel sauce

18.00 €

Grilled small scallops with butter of lime and soy. Crispy garlic

22.00 €
Cebiche caliente

Sauteed diced seabass in warm  yellow pepper "leche de tigre" marinade and white onions.  Wrapped in banana leaves

21.00 €
Pulpo a la Parrilla

Grilled octopus with red pepper sauce and spearmint.  Cauliflower puree

24.00 €
Langostinos y Quinua

King prawn tempura, red and black quinoa, orange sauce

19.00 €
Anticucho Clásico

Marinated beef heart brochettes, mashed potato, a green ocopa sauce and fried corn

28.00 €
Chaufa de Mariscos

Fried rice chinese style with king prawns, octopus, squid, small scallops

25.00 €

Cooked at 65º.   Over purple potatoe rösti.  Asparagus cream

38.00 €
Gallina Marina

Fried scorpion fish glazed in a nikkei satyle sauce

Price per kilo 

29.00 €
Corvina chifera

Coocked at 65º . Zucchini pappardelle and warm broth of cuttlefish.

27.00 €
Arroz con Pato

Thick rice with duck, a radish salad, served with a warm yellow sauce

24.00 €
Ají de Gallina

Shredded free-range chicken, in a creamy yellow aji sauce, purple potato and rice

29.00 €
Seco de Cabrito

Northern style suckling goat. Pureed white beans, coriander and white wine sauce

29.00 €
Lomo Saltado

Fine strips of wok sauted tenderloin, fried potatoes, egg, rice with corn kernels 

29.00 €

Suckling pig terrine over Arequipa dressing sauce, nuts, aji pepper powder and Maras salt.

27.00 €

Wagyu beef flank, vegetables, mushrooms, tubers. violet potato. chimichurri of peruvian herbs